a laptop showing a SmartSim business simulation

Build Your Business Simulation

This is one of our most basic business simulations for beginners, start up entrepreneurs or small companies keen to improve performance, team work and business decision making.

Team will be required to run a simple sandwich business. However, there are many decisions to be made on a daily basis. Participants will need to predict costs and forecast potential profit.

Suitable for anyone interested in gaining basic financial knowledge, learn from results and make a profit.


Participants will learn to:

  • Learn basic business principles

  • Identify business strategies

  • Interpret basic financial data

  • Key variable such as quality& price

  • How to grow a business

A laptop screen showing a SmartSim business simulation

Change Management Simulation

This business simulation is set in the manufacturing sector. A robot making company is at risk of going bankrupt due to poor management.

Teams are required to assess and decide which business model to use to bring the company into profit and grow the company locally and internationally.

Teams will operate the business in a highly competitive environment where timing is crucial to the success of the business.

Suitable for those working or interested in business management, strategic planning and basic business finance.

Also suitable for anyone keen to improve their leadership skills and team work.


Participants will learn to:

  • Understand and use basic business acumen skills

  • Work as a team to make decisions in a financial context

  • Handle stock control, ordering and forecasting

  • Analyse P&L, Balance Sheets & Operational Statements

  • Practise being part of a business management team

A laptop showing the Going for Profit business simulation from SmartSim

Going for Profit Simulation

One of our most popular simulations, Going for Profit can suit any sector and any size company.

Teams have to run a pizza takeaway in a virtual European city. Other competitors are present in this town and each team will want to win as much of that market as it can. How should this be done?

Suitable for anyone keen to acquire basic business acumen and all around team away day activity.

No special Financial knowledge required.


Participants will learn to:

  • Analyse basic business data

  • Analyse the competition

  • Make logical business decisions

  • Identify importance of advertising, pricing and margins

  • Work as a high-performing team

Make a Million Simulation

Teams are assigned a hi tech business and required to grow the company globally in tough financial trading conditions.

Sounds impossible? You will get the opportunity to take calculated risks and Make a Million!

Suitable for those keen to sharpen their financial decision making under challenging conditions.


Participants will learn:

  • The importance of planning and forecasting

  • The need to analyse financial information carefully

  • The opportunities and threats of expanding into new markets

  • The need to monitor sales so as not to run out of stock or capacity

  • The importance of stock, research & development and pricing

  • The need for innovation

A laptop screen showing a SmartSim business simulation

PriceWize Simulation


This simulation is designed to illustrate some basic price setting concepts in a dynamic and participative way. It involves setting prices for four different sectors and seeing the impact on sales and profit contribution. Pricing strategies such as cost based, competitor based and value based are tested against financial aspects of your business.

No special Financial knowledge required.


Participants will learn to:

  • Price Setting Approaches

  • Price Sensitivity

  • Communicating Price and Value Changes

  • Value Drivers & Motivation

  • Price setting cost-based & competition-based

  • Analysing financial results

Project management business simulation from SmartSim

Project Management Simulation

In this simulation teams are tasked with the innovation of a failing sports centre. Current membership levels are adequate however, a dysfunctional management structure results in fall in profit risking closure.

Suitable for anyone from beginners to experienced level.


Participants will learn to:

  • How to read a financial statement

  • Use business data to profile the state of a company

  • How to innovate a failing business

  • Why investment is important for future operations

  • The importance of listening to customers

  • Assessing risks

A laptop showing a screenshot of the Hotel Simulation from SmartSim

Team Management Simulation

Running a successful hotel is no simple task. To succeed, team have to exceed customer expectations while keeping room occupancy high. Key areas focus on knowing your market, forecasting income streams, setting prices and wages and crisis management

Suitable for anyone from beginners to experienced levels.


Participants will learn to:

  • Tests entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen

  • Demonstrates business principles

  • Highlights need to know your customer

  • Gives an opportunity to analyse business finance data, and establish control of the costs

  • The importance of training and staff development as an asset to the business

  • Insights into dealing with business crises

a laptop showing the Product Launch business simulation from SmartSim

The Product Launch Simulation

This simulation provides an opportunity for teams to introduce a new consumer product – the ‘SOUPER HOT’ Range of self-heating soups. Teams will learn to build skills in business analysis, decision-making and team working.

Suitable for anyone from beginners to experienced levels.


Participants will learn to:

  • Discover how to make a profit

  • Grow the business successfully

  • Achieve the hard task of making a profit of one million by the end of the eighth period

  • Make decisions on Price, Promotion and Production