The SmartSim Philosophy

Our philosophy is that Learning by Doing is the best way to learn. Our business simulations and training activities all require participation, the vital ingredient for effective learning.

We consider business simulations used for strategy and innovation, management development and business training as Computer Aided Management Education (CAME), where the purpose is to develop business wisdom – the ability to make wise decisions that lead to business and personal success.

Learning by Doing enables

  • Longer, broad and more complex content learning
  • Issues based discussions
  • Business problem solving
  • First hand observations
  • Networking opportunities
  • Culture building within organisations

Experiential Learning enables participants to understand and learn what drives business profitability and apply their experiences from the simulated business environment to real life scenarios.

Our Approach

We have your interest at heart.

Our Business Simulations and Training Activities are designed to help learners change the way they approach problems and problem-solving.

We put you in the role of a leader of a business that has been facing severe growth concerns and financial challenges. You will have the opportunity to participate and learn by running a virtual business in an interactive, risk-free, and realistic environment.

Our simulations help learners understand the process of evolving an idea into a reality by creating a risk free, virtual reality environment for you to practice and learn and therefore create business value. Our business simulations offer complex scenarios and are dynamic and true to life.

The courses involve participants working in teams on a range of real life business problems, simulated by a computer-based model and coached by a tutor.

Our  workshops enable participants to experience and explore a simulated scenarios in a practical and pragmatic manner. We have a wide range of business games, planning simulations, simulations exploring management techniques and computer enhanced role-plays.

Deep Smarts

We like the Deep Smarts Idea in Practice learning method. Here we explain our Knowledge Coaching Technique:

Technique – Approach learners.

Guided Practice -Learners practice skills, guided by their coach, who then provides feedback that allows them to refine their new capabilities.

This technique takes two forms – shadowing and field trips.

Through shadowing, learners absorb deep smarts by following experienced, skilled colleagues and then discussing their observations with those colleagues.

During field trips, learners breakout of rigid mental habits and expand their experience through alternative ways of thinking and behaving.

Guided Problem Solving -Knowledge Coaches and protégés work on problems jointly, so protégés learn how to approach problems.

Guided Experimentation -Knowledge Coaches help learners setup modest experiments that speed learning.

Learning and Simulation Purpose

The Basic Process

Typically, our workshops have three stages:

Briefing & Preparation

Stage 1

Simulate Business Activity

Stage 2

Review & Discussion

Stage 3

We do it this way because it :

  • engages and motivates participants

  • allows for learning from each other

  • offers a chance for feedback and reflection

  • makes the learning memorable – and fun!

Integrate Learning Strategy with Business Strategy

Our simulations are designed to allow you to build an understanding of how a business functions, what makes it successful and practice some of the skills that lead to this success. To ensure you have fun while you learn, we introduce your competitors to the game. Everyone’s objective is to make their business profitable.

The benefits of using a Business Simulation

How can you make sure your business runs successfully and efficiently? Do you sometimes doubt whether you are making the right decisions to ensure the effective use of your resources? How do you reach out to and satisfy clients without financial setbacks?

Whether you are starting up in business or you have been trading for a while, this interactive business skills workshop will help you develop and hone good judgment when it comes to making those decisions helping you stay focused and sharp when running your business.

The simulations give you the opportunity to make decisions about pricing, sales, promotion, production, capital investment and credit control. Based on your decisions, sales demand are generated for your business. We use these figures to evaluate your response and work with you to develop critical thinking that leads to business success.

You will make decisions about prices, sales, promotion, resources, capital investment etc and see how these decisions drive financial success. But, unlike the real world you are not risking real money or real jobs!

A mac screen showing the Sandwich Shop simulation